Customized Adreno Profiler

Recently I found an interesting bug with Adreno Profiler: this cannot work correctly with glVertexAttribPointer(indx=2, size=4, type=GL_HALF_FLOAT_OES, normalized=False, stride=32, ptr=0xC). For example, texcoords in half type are presented as strange numbers:     阅读全文
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Kanglai Qian 9月 02, 2015

Adreno Profiler分析任意安卓游戏特效+抓取资源

最近发现了一个非常好用的工具Adreno Profiler,可以用来分析安卓手机上OpenGL ES绘制过程。这个东西牛的地方在于可以抓取任何可以运行的App,而且使用起来非常方便、没有额外限制。这个工具本质上是一个OpenGL ES Draw Call Replay;如果你用过PIX或者GPA,就会感到很非常熟悉了。下图是贵易的魔天记,挂起来毫无压力233     阅读全文
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Kanglai Qian 5月 16, 2015

Compile libcurl 7.37.0 with Android 4.4 or other versions

Recently I need compile libcurl for different platforms, since cocos-2dx 3.0 ships with libcurl 7.26.0 and there are several fixes in newer versions according to changelog. There are several blogs describing how to build libcurl with android source, such as porting-of-libcurl-to-android-os-using, How_to_compile_libcurl and Android ndk下编译libcurl. However, they are all out dated, especially android source has changed a lot!     阅读全文
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Kanglai Qian 8月 31, 2014


清明的时候Gus找我做的一个安卓的UI,要拿去参赛-。-本质上是一个用手机控制家里的各种灯的开关、明暗、颜色等,需要一个过得去的界面。反正我只管搭空壳子。昨天晚上+今天早上突击搞了一下,发现android的各种view还是博大精深的,外加xml自定义各种强大。最后也算自我感觉不错,嗯~     阅读全文
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Kanglai Qian 4月 07, 2012